How To Deal With The Trolls

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But how can I stay authentic and positive when there can be negative people that choose to leave nasty comments on my posts?

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It used to really bother me when like yesterday someone slithered into my Instagram account and…

said nasty things

said nasty things about me and my Instagram Makeover program

(even though she knew nothing about me or it)...

It used to really bother me when I got "hater" comments. I'm a sensitive soul and I found it hard to brush it off. Sometimes it would effect my whole day.

She said I was fake, she said I was a scam, she said that what I have to offer the world is a load of crap.

Luckily I have discovered a powerful combination of 2 things that have helped me deal with people like this...

The very FIRST time my intuition tells me that someone means harm to me on social media, I send them love (because obviously they need it) and I immediately block them from my account.

I know in my heart that everything I am doing is coming from a place of integrity and of genuinely caring for others, that is always the intention behind everything I do in my business. I know that what I am putting out there is coming from a place of love and service...

It’s the powerful combination of using your intuition to stay away from negativity and blocking it out on social media and then giving out love and authenticity that will give you a good experience on social media…...

This works so well because you can deal with the comment in a positive way and not be negatively effected...
Phew, I'm glad I figured that one out...

I choose to have a positive experience online.... Do you?

Did anyone ever leave you a not very nice comment on a post you did? Did it make you feel sad or leave a bad taste in your mouth? 

Let’s send love to all those people with nothing better to do in their lives, I think they need it.

Kat xoxoxo

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I’m Kat

I believe in Authenticity, Truth and Real Connections.

I am rubbish at posing for photos and my greatest joy in life is sharing what I know with you…

Let’s do this together!

Kat xoxoxo

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