It Only Takes 3 Seconds

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It onlt takes 3 seconds for someone to make up their mind

If they are going to follow you on Instagram or not…

Crazy eh? The decision is made in an instant!

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When someone comes to your account what’s the first thing they are going to do? 

They’re going to scroll

They’re going to scroll down a little way to see what your feed looks like, right?

It’s a bit like going on a first date, will your account have something about it that catches their eye?

Something that makes them interested, something that makes them think this is for me, I belong here, I want to find out more.

Put it this way, would you invite your new boyfriend over to your space/ your place if it looked a mess? No Waaaay!

You want to make an effort to present it nicely to someone who hardly knows you. So that you can make a good first impression.

Well it’s the same when you post something online and it’s the same for your Instagram account.

Why do you think the big brands spend millions of dollars on how they present themselves, on their branding.

Because it works!

As I said before, you have 3 seconds for someone to make up their mind about you and you won’t get another chance to make this first impression as they will have already moved on to the next account.

Honestly, I can’t tell you enough, this really is the secret to success on Instagram. 

Your followers will grow at a much faster rate when your feed doesn’t look perfect (as there is no such thing as the perfect Instagram feed) but looks professional and gorgeous and expresses you and your business visually.

It makes things so much easier for you to grow.


Kat xoxox

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I’m Kat

I believe in Authenticity, Truth and Real Connections.

I am rubbish at posing for photos and my greatest joy in life is sharing what I know with you…

Let’s do this together!

Kat xoxoxo

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