Talking To Lost Loved Ones

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I wish my mummy was still alive to see me now...

She passed away 6 years ago and she was my best friend.

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Mummy, I have made so many brave, big changes in my life.

I wish we could sit down over curry and I could tell you everything...

Mummy I had the courage to leave my 18 year relationship...

Mummy, you would be so proud of your grandchildren...

Mummy this is me recently on my honeymoon! Yes I got married to my soulmate! I know you would love him if you could have met him. 

Mummy this is me working with my legs in an infinity pool! Can you believe that?

Mummy I think you would be proud of what I have done...

Mummy I miss you...

Whether you have lost a parent or a baby or a brother, sister or friend. I'm thinking of you today...

Who knows if they can still see what we are doing from the other side?

I like to think that I can still talk to my mummy and she can still cheer me on as she always did unconditionally.

Isn't it amazing how much life can change...

Do you talk to your lost loved ones?

much love,

Kat xoxox 💜

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I’m Kat

I believe in Authenticity, Truth and Real Connections.

I am rubbish at posing for photos and my greatest joy in life is sharing what I know with you…

Let’s do this together!

Kat xoxoxo

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