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Keep your eyes peeled 👀

I found my perfect pink wall when I was on holiday in Norfolk...

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I just stumbled across it when I was out walking along the beach…

The colour was perfect!

When you are out and about, look out for a cool wooden door or a wall that is the right colour for your insta feed or your brand and take a photo of YOU.....

It's a great way to add YOU into your feed in a modern way because:

  1. Adding photos of you will help your followers feel more connected to you… They really do want to get to know the real you and get to know the face behind the business.

  2. It will help you to create a consistent colour theme in your feed so that your brand can stand out and get noticed bu people who love what you do…

You probably drive past a wall or a door every day without even noticing it…

Something that would make the perfect backdrop for your photo…

Extra points if you can wear something that really looks good with your brand colours too!

Have fun!

Kat xoxoxo

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I’m Kat

I believe in Authenticity, Truth and Real Connections.

I am rubbish at posing for photos and my greatest joy in life is sharing what I know with you…

Let’s do this together!

Kat xoxoxo

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