Getting Married At 47

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Every little girl dreams of her wedding day

They just don’t normally wait 47 years for it....😊️

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My best friend.

My brightest light.

My knight by day and by night.

My husband from this day forward.

You are the love I always wanted.

You have taught me what true and equal partnership looks like.

With you I experience the deepest intimacy.

From the moment we met our souls entwined in the most beautiful, amazing, way

To be in your arms is to feel as though I am at the centre of the universe, wrapped in the most incredible love that flows from your heart to mine.

It feels as if the edges of you blur with the edges of me, not in a needy loosing myself kind of way but in a beautiful powerful combined energetic dance kind of a way that makes me feel incredibly joyful and at ease.

I love you for so many reasons but most of all I love you for your heart, your true, and open and kind and preciously passionate heart.

Our love has always felt incredible and totally meant to be.

Today surrounded by the ones we love, I vow to support, love, inspire, and respect you.

I am truly honored and blessed to walk the path of life with you, the most incredible man I have ever met.

I’d choose you in a hundred lifetimes,

In a hundred worlds,

In any version of reality,

I’d find you and

I’d choose you.

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I’m Kat

I believe in Authenticity, Truth and Real Connections.

I am rubbish at posing for photos and my greatest joy in life is sharing what I know with you…

Let’s do this together!

Kat xoxoxo

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